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Hello Love, how would you like to relax right next to your sweet, sexy, beautiful, feisty, and grey-haired Grand Mommy Deborah? I sure could use the pleasure of your fine ass as company in my bed so you could lay your head on my delicious, flattened, and mature titties. Don't hold back from trying anything with me because I am an older lady. Just open your mouth and suck my sweet titties and tease my nipples so you can make your grandmama feel good. My titties may be deflated and old, but they are still soft to the kiss with a pointy nipple on top.

Now turn over and let me get deep up inside your asshole. I have a hell of a fucking oral fixation, and it ain't just for cigarettes and fine wine. I love to eat ass. The look of the shriveled-up asshole drives me wild. The way it jiggles, shakes and moves when I plant a firm smack on it with my bare hands. And it is like I am opening a holiday present when I grab, then widely spread the ass cheeks apart and see what is inside. Sometimes it is clean and dirty; it doesn't matter to me - dirty or clean, I am going to eat it anyway. If you have brown tire tracks there, call me a race car and let me drive on your track! You have never had a grandmommy eat you up for dinner this good before. And I love to reach my hand underneath to grab and fondle your musty balls. I can squeeze them good so that it will make you scream out my name over and over again.

I will also stick a finger or two in there, rub against your prostate - back and forth, and watch your gluey cum drain like a leaky faucet. After you cum, go and grab me a cigarette and a glass of wine so I could use my toes to rub them against your dick. Ever came from being jerked off by toes? Well, it's long overdue. Lay there and let my toes do the jerking. You will enjoy every bit of it, and your balls will enjoy it too. My big toe will go back and forth on your cock hole, and as your yummy cock hardens, I will use both feet to jerk you off. Cum on both of my feet, and open up your mouth, and suck your penis milk off my feet. Circle your tongue around each toe, one at a time, and make sure that you give me the best tongue bath that my feet have ever felt. Open your mouth wide because after you suck off every toe - you must devour my foot. If you gag, you will have to gobble up anything that comes up because that won't be an excuse to stop pleasing me. We will not end our fun prematurely, sweetie - we all stop once your sweet grand mommy Deborah is satisfied and happy.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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July 3, 2022
Come Here, Mommy Will Help You
Mommy has noticed you staring at mommy and touching yourself.  Sneaking peeks of mommy in the shower or when mommy changes in her room.  Your young cock getting hard, thinking about some mom sex.  How you would just love to touch and taste and fuck mommy’s holes. You look real uncomfortable sitting over there, is your cock hard again?  Come here, and let mommy help you with that.  It’s only fair that mommy does, since it’s your mommy fetish that got you in this situation.  As you get close to mommy, mommy slides her hands over your shorts and your tented front. Then mommy grasps the sides of your shorts and undies and pulls them down in one quick swoop.  As soon as your cock is free, mommy grabs it and your balls and starts squeezing and stroking.  Mommy gestures for you to sit next to her.  As soon as you do, mommy leans down and flicks her tongue over your dripping slit. Your hips thrust up and your cock smears pre-cum all over mommy’s lips.  Mommy looks up at you and licks her lips, enjoying every bit of you.  Mommy opens her lips and wraps them around your cock head and starts to suck and lick the tip.  Taking more and more of your shaft as mommy bobs her head up and down. Once your cock is nice and hard and dripping with mommy’s spit, mommy stands up and pulls her panties off, lifting her dress over her head as she straddles your lap and your hard cock.  Mommy sits down on your lap and takes your dick balls deep in her very wet pussy.Mommy starts bouncing up and down, riding your cock.  Mommy’s titties in your face, her hard nipples poking straight out, just begging to be pulled between your teeth and sucked on.  Bite one of mommy’s nipples and flick your tongue over it, make mommy moan and arch her back. Mommy starts grinding down on your dick, feeling your balls against mommy’s ass cheeks, mommy taking your dick deep inside her tight pussy.  Mommy wants you to cum inside mommy this time, instead […]
October 14, 2021
Chocolate Boobs were a Mummy's sweat droplets, and she had full bare boobs.
Mommy Rosa’s Chocolate Boobs Always Satisfies Her Babies
I am Mommy Rosa and I have the most voluptuous and delicious chocolate colored books that you have ever seen, touched or tasted.  I love to have my boobs sucked and played with by ab/dl babies.  No matter who you are or wherever you come from as long as you are an abdl lover I am the mommy for you.  I started in this abdl world of infantilism with my first adult baby when I was hired by him to be his caretaker.  I met him at a hotel and and when I arrived to his room he was already wearing diapers. He obviously had wet them for a while because the room had the stench of wet and poopy diapers and the bulge that the diaper had was tremendous.  He opened the door and crawled around the hotel room all the while as he sucked on a pacifier.  He grabbed my leg and I sat down on the edge of the bed and I was strong enough to pick him up and place him on my lap. I rocked him back and forth as he sucked on his pacifier and then he purposely made the pacifier that he was sucking fall on the bed and then he reached for my tits. He started rubbing his face against my breasts as and he saw my shirt getting wet and I took my shirt off. I removed my bra and my tits just hung down so beautiful and plump and he sucked the sweet and creamy milk out from my chocolate tits.  I told him to suck harder so that he could drink more milk out of it and he did then I sandwiched his face between my breasts and he continued to suck. I wanted him to be comfortable as his diaper smelled so bad that I told him that he could continue to suck my breasts but on the condition that I feed clean him up.  He threw a temper tantrum and jumped off of my leg and try to crawl away, I chased him around the hotel room as he protested and fussed that he […]
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