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Hello Love, how would you like to relax right next to your sweet, sexy, beautiful, feisty, and grey-haired Grand Mommy Deborah? I sure could use the pleasure of your fine ass as company in my bed so you could lay your head on my delicious, flattened, and mature titties. Don't hold back from trying anything with me because I am an older lady. Just open your mouth and suck my sweet titties and tease my nipples so you can make your grandmama feel good. My titties may be deflated and old, but they are still soft to the kiss with a pointy nipple on top.

Now turn over and let me get deep up inside your asshole. I have a hell of a fucking oral fixation, and it ain't just for cigarettes and fine wine. I love to eat ass. The look of the shriveled-up asshole drives me wild. The way it jiggles, shakes and moves when I plant a firm smack on it with my bare hands. And it is like I am opening a holiday present when I grab, then widely spread the ass cheeks apart and see what is inside. Sometimes it is clean and dirty; it doesn't matter to me - dirty or clean, I am going to eat it anyway. If you have brown tire tracks there, call me a race car and let me drive on your track! You have never had a grandmommy eat you up for dinner this good before. And I love to reach my hand underneath to grab and fondle your musty balls. I can squeeze them good so that it will make you scream out my name over and over again.

I will also stick a finger or two in there, rub against your prostate - back and forth, and watch your gluey cum drain like a leaky faucet. After you cum, go and grab me a cigarette and a glass of wine so I could use my toes to rub them against your dick. Ever came from being jerked off by toes? Well, it's long overdue. Lay there and let my toes do the jerking. You will enjoy every bit of it, and your balls will enjoy it too. My big toe will go back and forth on your cock hole, and as your yummy cock hardens, I will use both feet to jerk you off. Cum on both of my feet, and open up your mouth, and suck your penis milk off my feet. Circle your tongue around each toe, one at a time, and make sure that you give me the best tongue bath that my feet have ever felt. Open your mouth wide because after you suck off every toe - you must devour my foot. If you gag, you will have to gobble up anything that comes up because that won't be an excuse to stop pleasing me. We will not end our fun prematurely, sweetie - we all stop once your sweet grand mommy Deborah is satisfied and happy.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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August 15, 2021
Ohh I Love Role Play
    With abdl stories we can be anything or anyone we want to be.  And I just love role play and there are so many fetishes, that we will never be bored.  Diapers, adult babies, mommies, diaper girls and boys, dressing up and sissies are all a fun part of the abdl lifestyle.  Not to mention anything and everything in between. All fetishes are welcome here and nothing is taboo.  One of my favorites is to pretend I’m a giantess and I make you my tiny little diaper baby.  A giantess diaper would be huge, so it’s a lot easier to make you my tiny baby and diaper you instead.  And at there are lots of giant mommies and teeny adult babies. When reading a good abdl blog, you can slip away from reality and embrace your little side.  Imagine mommy laying you down and stripping you naked of all your big clothes.  Then after using baby wipes to clean you all up between your cheeks and between your thighs, mommy is ready to powder and diaper you. Or better yet you can lay me down and diaper me, and then make me make messes in my cute diaper.  And I love when mommy diapers us both and we get to rub our diapers on each other mmmm.  Being an adult baby is the best. Making stickies and cummies in our diapees is so much naughty fun.  Diapers are meant to be used and filled.  And I love making my diapers squishy.  Soggy and saggy and hanging on my hips.  And getting a diaper change feels so good.  I can’t help but squirt a little. Actually more like squirt a lot lol.  Baby Stacey will be so wet and not just from pee soaking my diapee.  A messy baby is a fun baby.  A wet squishy diaper rubbing against baby feels so good.  Makes baby drip.  Makes baby squirm.  Makes baby moan.  Makes baby cum. I enjoy all role play and I’m a very curious little one when it comes to fetish play.  I won’t shy away from any subject, nothing is off limits for […]
August 9, 2021
Mommy Rosa Tells An ABDL Giantess Story
I am Mommy Rosa and I am going to tell you a story that I know you are going to like to here. I enjoy telling my babies all of the naughtiest  abdl stories  that I can. The stories are usually so good that sometimes I think that it should be on an abdl blog for others to read. There once was a pretty blonde goddess who wore a  giantess diaper because she was the size of a tall multi story building.  She was a pretty giantess who roamed the city and used people as playthings to her whims and fancy. She was in charge of so many people that she used the men as human dildos to push up inside of her cunt and she would sometimes leave them inside of her overnight.  The land had it where no one could resist and had to follow whatever she said. This goddess was a person that was worshipped as she had a giantess body of beauty and she loved to keep it in a diaper.  One day, she took a man off of the street and she was going to push him inside of her and he said, “may I please lay on your beautiful breasts?” She was so shocked to hear that someone wanted to lay on her breasts to be close to her instead of just tolerating her being stuffed inside of her huge pussy.  So, she allowed the tiny man to lay on her breast and she thought that it was just for a moment – but he ended remaining on there for a while longer.  He started to serenade her and that melted her heart so much that she began to cry. She felt like a person with feelings for the very first time that someone paid attention to her and treated her with love.  She decided to take the tiny man home to marry him. She took him home to her house which was a gigantic mansion that looked like it touched the clouds in the sky.  She had a tiny priest stop by to perform the wedding and that night they […]
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