March 4, 2009

Cloth diapered Katie

My daddy friend got me in thick cloth diapers. They were so thick I couldn’ts close my legs all the ways. I love it though. I even got to have a pretty pair of yellow plastic panties on top. Nothing makes me happier than cute diapers, and a loving daddy to change them. What color plastic panties do you like for your baby girls? Baby Girl Katie
December 17, 2008

daddy and katie baby

Daddy got me a new map of the country. Whenever he goes on a trip he sits down with Katie and shows me where he is going, and how he is going to get there. Sometimes he drives, but for long trips daddy flies. I miss him, but know he has to work, just like Katie does. It’s sweet of daddy to take the time to let me know all about his traveling. Thens when he gets home, he hears all about what baby girl did, and the daddies and babies I played with on the phones. Baby Katie
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