March 11, 2009

Dancing in my diapers

Sometimes you just have to do dance, and make your own fun. What I do is get diapered, and then turn my radio up and dance in my diapers. It’s fun, and good for you to get silly sometimes. All sorts of music makes me want to dance. I have different ones for different music too. It’s good to let go and be a silly baby girl. Baby Katie
February 11, 2009

No daddy

My daddy friend isn’t going to be home this weekend, so no daddy for me on Valentine’s Day. I think I will stay home, and take calls from phone daddies and other babies to play. If you’re home on Valentine’s Day and need a diaper change, or want to change me I will be here. We can have fun anyway, making a big mess togethers. I wonder how many Valentine’s stickers I can stick on my diapy. Toodles, Katie
November 19, 2008

How ABDL makes me feel

In my diapers I feel: safe, secure, at peace, relaxed, comforted, and free With Daddy I feel: loved, free, playful, special, safe, pretty, and warm With other AB’s and DL’s I feel: accepted, belonging, safe, silly and playful, carefree, loved and loving I feel many things when I wear my diapers and get to be Baby Katie. Some of them I never really thought about until now. When I am in diapees and talking to others in diapees, I feel like they are my brothers or sisters. Serious post for a wittle baby girl ~giggles~ Baby Katie
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