Mommy’s Little Diaper Boy
May 12, 2023
Mommy’s Little Diaper Girl
July 3, 2023




Mommy is bored and wants to play.  And you can play with mommy anyway you want.  Climb up on the bed with mommy and let’s get started.  Mommy is ready and eager for lots of fun.  And mommy promises you will have lots of fun too.

You can do whatever your heart desires or better yet whatever your cock does.  Mommy likes it all.  So don’t hold back, use mommy like your very own sex toy.  Use mommy’s mouth, titties, pussy and ass anyway you want.  Give mommy that cock, let mommy play with your dick until you cum.

Cover mommy with your sticky semen, leave mommy dripping and in a puddle of our accumulated cum.  Play with mommy until we are both exhausted from multiple orgasms.  Then lay in mommy’s arms as our breathing eventually returns to normal.

Mmmmm, mommy thinks we should make play time a daily activity.  Mommy would definitely love it.  Excited for the next time.  And you can play with mommy anywhere and everywhere you want.  Whenever you want.  Make mommy your personal little play toy.

Act out all your fantasies and let mommy satisfy your urges.  We can play games and role-play all sorts of scenarios.  Let’s get down and dirty and have fun doing it.  And you can even have your friends come join us if you want.  Mommy is so excited.

Mommy has a mouth, 2 hands, big boobies, a pussy and an ass.  All of which can entertain a cock.  That’s yours and five of your friends, but then again mommy can be penetrated over and over, so that means you can have endless friends come join.

Making mommy a cum doll, covered and dripping in jizz.  Mommy will never be bored again.  And mommy will always be ready for more.  A freak that can’t get enough.  And nothing is off limits or taboo with mommy.  Mommy likes it all and wants it all.

Your friends won’t believe how lucky you are, and that you like to share.  But only after you have fucked mommy and filled mommy with your hot cum.  Then they can play with mommy anyway they like.  Play until they can’t play anymore.  Then rest and play some more.

Would you like to play with mommy also?  Play anyway you want and not have to worry about judgement or repercussions.  To act out all your fantasies and wildest dreams and no one but mommy knows what perversions go through your dirty little mind.

Get downright dirty and nasty, share your naughty secrets with mommy and let’s get kinky.  All fetishes are entertained and Mommy Candy loves them all.  So don’t be scared or shy or embarrassed, call mommy anytime, night or day and let’s play.

Mommy is very open minded and extremely sexual.  So don’t hold back, mommy is ready and willing to do it all.  And mommy will enjoy every minute of it, just as you will.

Playtime with mommy is the best, call and find out for yourself.

Mommy Candy




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