September 17, 2012

Late Nite Daddy

I have a special Daddy that loves to call me for late nite phonesex! I’m laying in my bed sleeping in a cute lace nightie and a thick white diaper when Daddy calls me. First he gives me a kiss… mmm it feels so good the way he kisses me! The next thing he asks is how many times I touched myself that day. Daddy knows what a naughty girl I can be… he asks me how many other guys and Daddies I’ve been with since the last time we talked. Then Daddy checks my diaper to see if its wet. He slides his hand inside and feels my diaper and pussy. Almost always my diaper is full of tinkle and my pussy is wet with excitement. Then Daddy has me lay between high legs, and lick his balls and then up his big hard cock. I kiss and lick and suck until Daddy can’t control himself anymore and he picks me up and whispers in my ear, “Where do you want it tonight?” Just the way he growls in my ear almost sends me over. Daddy always laughs because I can never pick where I want it. “Daddy maybe you can start in my bottom and then finish in my pussy…” I always whimper and he laughs and bends me over my big AB changing table. When Daddy slides it into my bottom I feel my knees get weak. He pumps my bottom until I almost explode and then he pulls out and slips his big cock inside my dripping pussy. Daddy fucks me harder and harder, he tells me I’m a good girl which ALWAYS gets me sooo excited! His growls get louder and gruffer as he pushes me till my pussy squirts cumming all down my legs and Daddy fills me with his hot load! I always sleep so well after I have a big intense orgasm. I can’t wait until my next late nite phonesex call! love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
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