September 22, 2010

Kidnapped and Forced into Diapers

It's time for Mommy to look for a new baby. I'm not going about it the normal or acceptable way though. I'm hunting a new baby for myself. My choice has been narrowed down to three. Potential Baby Number One is a student at the local University. He is simply adorable and I bet he could use a Mommy to pamper him and take care of him. Potential Baby Number Two is a single man in his early 30's. I've been watching him for weeks and he leaves for work so early I could nab him before the sun comes up. Potential Baby Number Three, he is a sissy. I've caught him buying panties,bras and I even caught him jerking off while driving, that is so not safe. One of them is going to be in my crib before the month is over. Mommy Lexus
November 12, 2008

ready for some football?

This picture is for all of the daddies who love their football. Baby Katie may not know all about it, but I know daddies get very into it. I cans help you celebrate when your team wins, and cheer for them. Then if your team loses Daddy, I know how to make you feel better toos. It is awfully important to some daddies. So just remember baby when you have breaks in your game, and be sure to cuddle and we’ll do just fine. Baby Katie
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