Madison Enterprise opened in 2005, and we are known both domestically and internationally as the original age regression infantilism ABDL mommy site. We are a mommy-owned company, and we specialize in a plethora of expertise in the ABDL community. Phone A Mommy is where you come to when you want to role-play sexual fetishes or age regress back to a state of an infant or a toddler.

Our experienced mommies will nourish your diaper fetishism, which is your passion for wearing diapers. We will handle you in a way that only our mommies know how to. ABDLs wear diapers for comfort, age regression, and soil them. Whether you need a mommy to curb your naughty behavior through a series of disciplinary practices such as time-out, spankings, scolding, or orgasm denial, we will satisfy your need. BDSM is also a part of the ABDL community, and we provide dominant mommies - also known as mistresses.

It is essential to understand that infantilism is not pedophilia. ABDLs want adults as sexual partners - not children. Others in the infantilist community enjoy being sissy babies. Sissy babies are men who enjoy applying female pronouns and wearing feminine clothing. In the ABDL society, DLs wear diapers because it gives them comfort, and they enjoy how diapers feel and the crinkly sound they make, but not all desire to act like infants.

At Phone A Mommy, whatever hole you need to fill, our knowledgeable team of ladies knows how to implement the right mixture of what you require to fulfill your fantasies. We are mommies and more – so if you need a dominant, babysitter, nurse, tranny, dwarf, cousin, or an abdl girl to role-play with, we are here to please.

Phone A Mommy proudly serves the ABDL community in its entirety regardless of a person's sexual orientation, race, color, or creed. We are a welcoming atmosphere that allows you to escape your everyday tensions, stresses, and responsibilities. We are here to aid, safeguard, entertain and comfort you. If you are ignored in your daily life and need someone to listen to you, our caring mommies will give you the listening ear you need.

Vent about your daily pressures to us, and it will be our delight to aid you in relieving the tensions that burden you. We are highly skilled, capable, and creative at what we do, and we anticipate being your distraction from your everyday problems.

Since we are mommies that care for each of our adult baby/diaper lovers, we will never judge you, so feel free to let your guard down with us. Phone A Mommy is a safe space, and discretion is of utmost priority.

Our premier site also showcases a chat room where mommies can chat openly with you in a central chat room, or you can initiate a private/text chat session. Private/text chat is an excellent way for you to get an initial introduction to a mommy before you give her a call.

You can utilize that opportunity to tell her about yourself before your first phone call with her. And if you prefer to text instead of talking on the phone - a friendly and courteous dispatcher will arrange it for you to do your entire session with a private text/chat.

Our unique and informative blogs contain original erotic adult content that our mommies have written. We strongly encourage you to read our blogs to give you an idea of role-play scenarios. Videos at Phone A Mommy are another favorite that we have, and you can get a visual as if it was your personal movie.

We also have an exciting forum where you can ask questions, post replies to topics, and you can even share pics of your favorite diapers or stuffed animals. Maybe you have a nursery that you just redecorated, and you want to share or compare to those of other adult baby diaper lovers; in the forum, you are more than welcome to do that.

When it comes to the ABDL lifestyle - we are proud to say that we are the best at what we do for one simple reason - we have it all! Having longevity in the ABDL community speaks volumes, and we would be delighted to join us and get to know us. We look forward to hearing from you, and when we say "Welcome to Phone A Mommy" we are telling you - welcome home!


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