February 11, 2009

No daddy

My daddy friend isn’t going to be home this weekend, so no daddy for me on Valentine’s Day. I think I will stay home, and take calls from phone daddies and other babies to play. If you’re home on Valentine’s Day and need a diaper change, or want to change me I will be here. We can have fun anyway, making a big mess togethers. I wonder how many Valentine’s stickers I can stick on my diapy. Toodles, Katie
November 19, 2008

How ABDL makes me feel

In my diapers I feel: safe, secure, at peace, relaxed, comforted, and free With Daddy I feel: loved, free, playful, special, safe, pretty, and warm With other AB’s and DL’s I feel: accepted, belonging, safe, silly and playful, carefree, loved and loving I feel many things when I wear my diapers and get to be Baby Katie. Some of them I never really thought about until now. When I am in diapees and talking to others in diapees, I feel like they are my brothers or sisters. Serious post for a wittle baby girl ~giggles~ Baby Katie
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