December 31, 2012


  Everyone knows Daddy is always trying new games and tricks with me. Since my ass has been pretty much stretched to capacity, and now I can take Daddy’s cock up there easily, just about any time; Daddy found a new project to work on with me… fisting! It’s so much fun, but ohmygod is it hard! I don’t know what’s harder, fisting my pussy, or when we started stretching my ass. Daddy says the next step is ass fisting, there’s no way a whole fist is gonna fit up there! The first time Daddy fisted me, I didn’t know what was coming. He was just fingering me nicely, how he does when I’m a good girl, and then he had four fingers inside me, which is more than what I can usually take. Little by little he worked his four fingers inside me before squeezing his thumb in.  By the time he’d gotten his whole fist inside me I didn’t think I could move I felt so full! And it did NOT feel good haha. Not at first anyway. Now, of course I beg Daddy to fist me, hard and fast hehehe… and I can even do it by myself! But at first it hurt my lil pussy being stretched so much! Daddy’s new games are always fun; I’m scared of getting my ass fisted, but if I know my Daddy, I bet I’m gonna end up loving it hehehe!! Love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
December 3, 2012

Stretching Lacy

  Lately Daddy has been working on a special project with me. Every time Daddy changes my diaper, after he wipes me up and lotions me up, before he tapes up my diaper, he pushes a plug right up my bottom, then closes my diaper up. Even when I get to wear panties, he makes sure the plug is up all the way before he pulls up my panties. Daddy calls it ass stretching! When we started we used a really little skinny one, in the beginning even that was really hard! I had to work to relax my bottom, and Daddy rubbed my pussy while he slid it in reallllly slow. Since then the toys have slowly gotten bigger and bigger. Now I have a plug that’s a whole 6 inches long, and the widest part is a little more than 7 inches around!!Now, when Daddy goes to change me and he pulls the big plug out he uses a mirror so I can look at how big and open my bottom is! It looks sooo cute and sexy! But that’s not even the most fun part!! The most fun part is that after I get to look at my stretched out hole, Daddy pulls out his big hard cock and fucks my open hole. Ooooh it feels so so SO good! Ooh and there’s more! After Daddy squirts is his cum inside me, he plugs it inside me with the plug! Hehehe I love Daddy’s new special project! Maybe you can practice on my too… Daddy says the more I’m stretched, the better! Love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
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