March 11, 2018

Mommy’s Tickles

Written By My Sweet Baby Boy How mommy Jackie’s tickles make me feel: they make me feel happy and laugh and safe. Also makes me feel super little and babyish. Love how mommy Jackie does raspberries kisses and those are best. Also when Mommy Tickles me I’m wearing my Diapee and sometimes tickles make me Potty my diaper and mommy loves my wet Diapee especially when she tickles me to potty. I also feel when Mommy Jackie Tickles me she’s only does it to have me have a diapee accident so I feel little and know I need my diapers because I not Potty Trained yet. I feel safe and excited when adult baby Mommy Jackie tickles me because nothing safer than a Mommies tickles and a mommy’s play time. I know also when mommy Jackie has to change me she does with love and nurturing knowing her baby boy needs a change when he’s wet or stinky! I know I’ve been a naughty boy lately I been forgetting my diaper and had accidents too and I should know a diaper boy need his diaper but I try be Mommy’s big boy even though she doesn’t want me be big boy yet. I try use potty and have naps sleep without diapee on I end up wet and messy Boy!!  I know I’m a Diaper Boy forever and I know mommy Jackie will always keep her diaper boy in his Big Boy Pampers and change me when I wet and she Tickles me a lot because she loves her sweet boy who needs some punishment sometimes and knows he’s a Diaper Boy for life and happy to be one!!  Talk to a phone sex Mommy 1-888-430-2010 #abdl #diaperlover #ticklefetish  
October 15, 2012

Furry Bunny Fun

I got to have some furry fun with a special friend the other day. This was a new friend and he was pretty nervous when I asked him what kind of games he liked to play. I could barely hear him when he said he liked to pretend he was an animal. Oh bunnies are fun! I told him smiling. He was so excited he pulled out his furry bunny suit. I love bunnies too! While he was getting his suit on I showed him my bunny suit before I pulled it stripped down and pulled it on. Together we hopped around and sniffed each other and everything in my room. We even had carrots as snacks hehehehe! And then, of course, we had the real fun! He hopped on me just like a bunny and gave me the best furry fucking I’ve ever had! He liked it hard and fast…. hehehehe a real jack rabbit! Once he was able to really be himself – a hot hard furry – he wasn’t so shy anymore! He had his hands all over me, squeezing my fur covered boobs and holding tight onto my hips while he drove his big cock into my tight bunny hole. I could really use some more furry friends to play with! Puppies, kitties, bunnies, the more the merrier hehehehe! If you wanna have some furry fun with me call me soon! love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
March 11, 2009

Dancing in my diapers

Sometimes you just have to do dance, and make your own fun. What I do is get diapered, and then turn my radio up and dance in my diapers. It’s fun, and good for you to get silly sometimes. All sorts of music makes me want to dance. I have different ones for different music too. It’s good to let go and be a silly baby girl. Baby Katie
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