February 25, 2009

need to pee

Lots of daddies want to play desperation games wif me. I think it was Baby Betsy that said she had been getting a lot of them too. I don’t mind them; the truth is I love them. I drink a lot of juice and water and hold it for daddy. Daddy, your little girl will hold it so you can hear how bad I haves to go if you like that. Katie Baby
January 14, 2009

If I could be anywhere right now?

If I could pick one place to be right now, I would want to be in a playpen with a baby brother or sister to play with. I love daddy and mommy, but Katie needs a playmate. Would you join baby girl in hers playpen? Cuddle up for naptime, and then wake up to play some more? I would want a big playpen with a good playmate, and plenty of toys around too. Baby Katie
January 7, 2009

cartoon time

I had forgotten about one of my favoriteist cartoons and now I don’t think it comes on anymore. I used to love watching CatDog. I did find a place to sees it online though. I love my cartoon time. I get in my diapers, and bring my blankie and lion in the living room and have cartoon time. It doesn’t really matter what we watch as long as it is silly, and ok for baby Katie to see. Baby Girl Katie
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