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You won’t ever find another babysitter like me. I am Nanny London, and I am one of a kind experienced Nanny who customizes according to whatever mood I am in that day to how I will choose to play. My beautiful and piercing brown eyes and intimidating features enable me to be the babysitter who gives you a stern look when you are mischievous. It will cause goosebumps to form on your body and make you shiver. That is precisely the effect that I want to have on you. I am your caretaker, and I will dictate every move that you make. I know the power and control that I have over you, and when I babysit you – I will do whatever I want to do. I don’t care about the rules and regulations that your parents have put in place for me to follow, for when I watch you in their absence, I will do whatever I want, and you won’t tell them.

If you give me a hard time, either to try to test me or to purposely be difficult - I will punish you with a stern and steady bare handed spanking on your ass, or I will force feminize you and make you wear your mother’s panty, bra, dress, and shoes, and I will top it all off with her make-up. I will make you my little sissy for the day and make you walk around the house as my little sissy fashion model. You will entertain me and keep me company and not bored for the day. And once I have had enough of you being my little fairy, I will undress you and bath you to wash everything off.

I will take all of my clothes off and accompany you in the bath and bathe you with my bare hands for me to fondle your meaty cock and your balls. I thrive when you become aroused when I make you uncomfortable and embarrassed. Invading every part of your privates that I want pleasures reminds you that I am on top and you are on the bottom. When I conclude washing you off, you won’t be leaving the bathtub until I voraciously teabag you. I will suck both of your balls at the same time while I jerk you off. A freshly washed hard cock and a clean pair of tight balls are always a pleasure to suck off and jack off while your parents are away. I relish grabbing you by the back of your head so you could suck off both of my tits, one at a time, and I will titty fuck your face and then your stiff cock while I glide my wet middle finger inside of your asshole. As I penetrate your asshole with my finger, I will push down on your prostate hard enough to stimulate it while I go inside and outside of your asshole; I will milk you and watch your cum make vanilla bubbles in the bathtub. You have never experienced a Nanny like me because the hot fucking sex that we do will never be discovered by anyone.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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July 3, 2023
Mommy’s Little Diaper Girl
    Mommy just loves spending time with her little diaper girl.  There’s nothing better than a fun day of just mommy and baby.  Mommy will make sure her adult baby has a fresh diaper on and then we will have an exciting day ahead of us.  And sInce you have been such a good girl lately, mommy will let you choose out first activity. What would you like to do?  Do you want to watch a movie?  Play with your new toys?  Or something else?  Perhaps an outing, like going to the park, or the beach or shopping?  Just let mommy know what you would like to do and mommy will make it happen. On a nice sunny day, there are so many things we can do outside, and then mommy gets to show you off as well.  Mommy just loves showing off her baby girl, everyone gets to see you all dressed up and in your cute little diaper.  Whatever you choose to do, mommy is prepared. Mommy has a diaper bag, filled with diapers, baby powder, wipes and extra clothes just in case baby leaks or makes a mess.  Mommy will pack a bag with your favorite toys and snacks and juices.  We will have a very good time.  Mommy will take good care of you and make sure that you have everything you need. That’s a mommy’s job, to take care of her babies and Abies.  And when we can fun at the same time it makes it all the more fantastic.  Let Mommy Candy whisk you away and take you to a place of imagination and magic.  Let mommy help you escape reality for a little bit and just enjoy the moment. Mommy enjoys all fetishes and role-play scenarios.  Let down your inhibitions and come join mommy in an adventure.  Tell mommy your secrets, your desires and your fantasies, and let mommy help make them come true.  Mommy is very open minded and extremely sexual. So, don’t be shy, call mommy and let’s get naughty.  You tell me what you want to experience and mommy will make sure that you get exactly […]
June 5, 2023
Come Play with Mommy
    Mommy is bored and wants to play.  And you can play with mommy anyway you want.  Climb up on the bed with mommy and let’s get started.  Mommy is ready and eager for lots of fun.  And mommy promises you will have lots of fun too. You can do whatever your heart desires or better yet whatever your cock does.  Mommy likes it all.  So don’t hold back, use mommy like your very own sex toy.  Use mommy’s mouth, titties, pussy and ass anyway you want.  Give mommy that cock, let mommy play with your dick until you cum. Cover mommy with your sticky semen, leave mommy dripping and in a puddle of our accumulated cum.  Play with mommy until we are both exhausted from multiple orgasms.  Then lay in mommy’s arms as our breathing eventually returns to normal. Mmmmm, mommy thinks we should make play time a daily activity.  Mommy would definitely love it.  Excited for the next time.  And you can play with mommy anywhere and everywhere you want.  Whenever you want.  Make mommy your personal little play toy. Act out all your fantasies and let mommy satisfy your urges.  We can play games and role-play all sorts of scenarios.  Let’s get down and dirty and have fun doing it.  And you can even have your friends come join us if you want.  Mommy is so excited. Mommy has a mouth, 2 hands, big boobies, a pussy and an ass.  All of which can entertain a cock.  That’s yours and five of your friends, but then again mommy can be penetrated over and over, so that means you can have endless friends come join. Making mommy a cum doll, covered and dripping in jizz.  Mommy will never be bored again.  And mommy will always be ready for more.  A freak that can’t get enough.  And nothing is off limits or taboo with mommy.  Mommy likes it all and wants it all. Your friends won’t believe how lucky you are, and that you like to share.  But only after you have fucked mommy and filled mommy with your hot cum.  Then they can play […]