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I am dominant, Dianna, and I am stringent, rigid, and stern. I will not tolerate adult baby diaper lovers getting away with misbehaving in my presence. It will give me an incredible amount of pleasure when I spank you until your bottom swells up, where you will have trouble sitting down. It does not matter if you have a diaper on; I will make sure that I instill enough discipline on your bottom, so you are reminded about who gave you this feeling. I will make sure that I take advantage of you, and I expect you to enjoy it because if you don't - expect to be disciplined.

I expect you to tell me your secrets; you will not keep anything from me, especially those that embarrass you the most. And you will respect me at all times. I am not your equal, you are beneath me, and you will need to ask me permission for your most basic needs. If you want to pee or poop, I will decide when the time is right. Don't bother begging me as it will only make me prolong the time you will have to wait to release your waste; so, zip your lip, be composed, and wait. I know you have a tiny package; it is evident that a pathetic submissive like you has a shriveled-up worm. I will take pleasure in humiliating your little clitty, and I will remind you why you need to stay in diapers forever. You have a baby dick, so that warrants you to wear diapers and nothing else. You don't have what it takes to be a man, and you never will.

You belong in diapers, panties, bras, and frilly dresses because it suits you to be my little sissy. If you deny that you have a girly side – I will force you to admit it and make you repeat daily affirmations to program you. You will have to repeat daily, "I am a little sissy," and "I am not a man because I don't qualify," and "I am a she, not he." You will refer to yourself as "sissy" at all times, and you will attend to all my needs. You will sit beneath my feet and wait for my instructions and follow along accordingly.

Fetch my slippers and place them on my feet. Get my paper from the front door once it is delivered. Run my bath for me and ensure that the temperature is just the way I want it to be. And remain on your knees while I pamper myself and bath in your presence and tease you with my sexy body that you won't be allowed to touch at all without my permission. You will drool looking at me as I wash my exquisite cunt and rub soapy bath bubbles over my glorious tits and sit at the sidelines in awe. Teasing you is an enjoyable passion for me, and you deserve not to get what you want when you want it. Fretting and complaining will not do you any good, so don't bother with it. Just do as I tell you to do and follow as I lead, and you will make me happy.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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November 17, 2022
Brianna Has Some Incest Diaper Fun!
Brian knocked on the door to his Aunt Brianna’s house, nervous about how the summer might go, but when she opened the front door and smiled while she hugged him, he could feel himself relax. She had always been super nice, a really good aunt, and it didn’t hurt that she wasn’t unattractive at all. She took his luggage into the house and told him to make himself comfortable while she went up to change into her apron and cook him some dinner. She stopped to hide behind the curtain that covered the doorway to the hallway. Her heart fluttered within her. She was happy the boy has come to stay with her for the summer. She rubbed her breasts; she was aroused at the sight of his tender body and his innocent and childish look. She was tickled by his touch when they embraced. She was started to get wet just by the sight of him. Brian crashed on the couch after feeding his eyes on the whole room. He thought the house was beautiful, but he thought Aunt Brianna was really something else. She had been his crush for some time now and now he was seventeen, he was obsessed by her body, how lush and thick it was, curvy in all the right spots! She came back with some cookies and cold milk and had spaghetti for dinner afterwards. They sat down to eat. Conversation was never stilted; lots of things to for both of them to catch each other up on. He was relaxed right up until he felt a bit of a wet spot on his pants. He was so busy talking that he hadn’t paid attention to his diaper filling up! Brian tried to get up without letting Brenda see anything, but it didn’t work. “Oh dear,” Brianna gasped with concern in her eyes. “I bet you’ve got some changeable diapers in your luggage.” The teenager blushed red. She knew about his incontinence, of course she did, but that didn’t make it any less embarrassing.  The humiliation got much worse when she made movements to change his diaper herself! “Oh no! […]
September 12, 2022
Brenda Desires Incest Sex With Son! (part 2)
(first part) As soon as it started it was over, he left without a word. I barely slept that night, after I ate all his cum out of me, I lay there masturbating & replaying the incest sex, every long hard stroke of his cock. Still wincing from being stretched so wide so fast. The boy must learn, I thought… When I woke up my husband had already left for work. My room stank of pussy & just lay there in the mess we had made. After I stripped the bed, I went to check on my son, who was still asleep, probably dreaming of his hot sex with mommy. So, I decided to let him rest, despite my urges. Washing the sheets felt a lot like I was destroying evidence, this gave me a thrill at the thought of hiding it from my husband. He & my son had never gotten on, and this was our perfect way of taking revenge. He visited me again three nights in a row, always around the same time. On the second night mummy had a newly shaven pussy & this time no nightgown. He still wouldn’t look at me or say a word! Just dump his cum in me and leave. By the third night mummy was ready, I had warmed myself so that it wouldn’t hurt. I tried to roll over and face him, I just wanted to see the look on my boy’s face as he pushed inside me. Was there love in his eyes or purely lust? But he held me down until he had finished & left once more without a word. Then nothing for weeks, I began to think I had done something wrong! Why did I rush it, why did I ruin a good thing! He would stare as he always did, but my son didn’t come to visit his mother again. No matter how much I tried. He would keep his door closed so I couldn’t watch. I knew I had to have him again, I had to make him want me. But how? Lying to my husband was the easy part, […]
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