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And when I can escape the house in the afternoon, I will pull up at the parking lot at your job unannounced and call you on your cell phone to come outside. I will be waiting for you in the backseat of my car, fully naked and on my back, spread eagle with one leg on the back of the passenger seat and the other on the back seat. I will finger my pussy until you arrive in the car to put your face in it and eat it all up. And when you finally arrive in the car and ravish my cunt with your tongue, make sure that you don't log out from your job. Be a little dangerous and fuck me while you are on the clock. Let your job pay you while you are in my car fucking the hell out of me. Let's see how much of me that you can handle – remember, you are my son, and you are half my age, so keep up with me.

When you finish eating my mature pussy, I will position myself as the flexible cougar to give you a hot and sexy blow job. The back seat of my car's tinted windows will heat up with all of the steamy hot fucking sex that we will be doing. Take out your cell phone and take videos of your young dick going inside of my pussy. Make sure that it is uploaded to social media anonymously, as I don't want your dad discovering that it is us. He won't handle it knowing that his son and his wife are fucking like wild animals and have been doing it for years.

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