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 Hello My Love, I am Heather, and I am a hot fireball that loves to try anything – more than once. I am young, beautiful, and horny. I am your little sweet sex toy, and I will roleplay anything with you that comes to your mind. Please don't hesitate or second guess whether you should share anything with me sexually because you may feel guilt or shame. I am serious when I express that I don't have a problem with any deviant, unusual, delinquent, bizarre, strange, and perverse fantasies you want us to explore together. All I want us to do is have fun and pleasure, and pleasing you is my number one priority. When we are together, I won't dare ignore you; I will give you all the attention you desire.

Maybe you want to know what it is like inside my pretty rumpled and tight asshole, and you are bashful about asking me. I want you going in there - I will encourage you to take it. You will like it in my asshole because it is hot and tight there. I will open up and spread my cheeks wide for you, and you can eat it for me. I love a nice stiff tongue encircling the entrance to my ass; it feels so good. Suck the hole a few times before you push your talented tongue inside of it. I have cum many times just by having my tight asshole eaten. The feeling is insane. I always make sure I am clean behind there because I never know when my asshole will end up as a meal in someone's mouth. I wash it well when I shower and when I use the bathroom, I thoroughly clean it out with a plethora of flushable baby wipes. When you are eating my ass, and I am on my knees, and my tits are swinging back and forth, I will grab my tits and squeeze them. The more I stimulate my nipples, the raunchier I will get. I want you to put your dick in my ass so I could suck it off before you put it in my ass. You have to fuck my ass until you cum in it and then let the cum drain out of my ass so you could lick it up. I won't judge you; I never will.

And when you want to be the little baby boy that I spoil and cater to, I will talk to you in jibberish, sing you sweet songs, make silly little faces at you to make you smile, and rub your tiny baby cock until you spray your dick's milk when it erupts like an avalanche in your diaper. After that, all you will require is a little breastfeeding to help you on your journey of sweet dreams for the night. Let us spend some quality time together on the phone. Allow for me to spoil you and treat you like the precious little darling that you are.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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