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Hello, my sweet ABDLs, my name is Mimi, and I am a tiny Mommy who is a midget. I have the perfect little body that does not take up much space. Some people look at me and see how little I am, and because of that, they feel sorry for me. But I love being a dwarf mommy because it makes role-play so much fun. I am no taller than 3 feet, and though my body is small, my tits are big. They feel squishy, warm, and soft, and I would love it if you spent some time rubbing them. I enjoy my dwarf titties sucked because it feels so good. My nipples are so sensitive that as soon as I pop one of my tits into your mouth, it will make my tiny pussy cream. For someone my size, it may seem that my tits may be too big for my body, but I have no problem handling them, and you won’t have any trouble handling them either. My tits will make you glad and bring you contentment and happiness. You may even fall asleep sucking on them because they will please you so much and relax you that sucking on them will put you to sleep.

Because I am such a tiny mommy, you will be too heavy for me to pick up and carry to bed, so I will have to wake you up to tuck you into your bed correctly. I will make sure that I give you your nightly diaper change and get rid of whatever mess you made in there. I will remove all that I can you’re your cock, and your balls that I can, with a fresh pair of baby wipes. Once you are all cleaned up, I will have to do a taste test to ensure no poop and piss debris remains.

I know what a clean cock is supposed to taste like, and it is fresh, aromatic, and not sticky, and a dirty cock is supposed to be musty, sticky, and clammy. So, leave it up to me to decide if your penis is dirty or clean. After I have tongue-checked you and sucked you off for quite a bit until you cum in my mouth. I will swallow all of your dick milk down my little midget mouth, so it travels to my little midget tummy because doing that makes you a part of me - literally. I will oil you and powder you, then secure you to comfy in a fresh diaper and plastic pants. Just lay on your back on the bed, open up your legs and allow me to do all of the work. I am the good thing that you need because I come in a small package. There will be no more burdens on your shoulders when we are together. I may be tiny, but my heart is not, and I desire nothing more than making sure that I please and pamper you and fulfill all of your midget dreams.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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