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I am hot and fiery Mommy Maggy, and I love to fuck my ABDLS. I got into this lifestyle in the ABDL world because a guy I dated introduced me to it. We wanted to try something kinky one night, and he told me to pretend to be his mommy. I ended up making him suck on my tits after spanking him and when he cried, and I even fucked him in the ass with my collection of toys. I also tied him up to the bed after blindfolding him, and I tickled various parts of his body until he laughed so uncontrollably that he pissed on our bed. At the time, I did not have any diapers handy, so I made a makeshift one of a hand towel and some pins and put him in a diaper for the night. He loved every bit of it, and so did I.

After I found about this kind of kinky sex, there was no way that I was going to go back to regular sex. He became tired of it at some point because this is all I wanted to do when we had sex: pretend to be his mommy. I would not even try the regular sex we used to have anymore, and eventually, we separated. Then I entirely threw myself into the fantastic ABDL Lifestyle and ended up playing with a whole bunch of adult babies. Then I was delighted, and this became the official way for me to have sex. I enjoy using my toys to fuck both male and female adult baby diaper lovers. I like them to serve me, and I even assign them errands that they have to run for me every week.

They must worship my beautiful body, and I always pick and choose who I will let lick my pretty asshole clean and suck on my pouty cunt. I don’t mind having my ABDLs fuck each other from time to time while I masturbate and watch. I love to tease them when they get it on with each other as they watch me play with my wet pussy. I know that they crave and worship me, and you can see the thirst in the way they look at the wetness dripping from my pussy as I play with it. They wish they could stop fucking each other – at least for a moment for them to suck on me. I would push two fingers inside my sweet pussy, collect my creamy juices, and my ABDLs would drool when they see me taste my sweet cunt cummy droplets. I will tease you too, and you will have to wait until I decide to play with you. And when I do, you will have to remember that I call the shots. I will see if you behave enough for me to give you a taste of my sweet paradise – if not, your dick is going to have to be locked up in a cage.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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