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Sweet little darlings, my name is Mommy Candy, and if you wonder why my name is Candy, it is because I am the sweetest Mommy you have ever experienced. I am that gentle, kind, caring, loving ABDL mommy that you have longed for. I love, with all of my heart – adult baby diaper lovers and sissy girls. I know how to make you feel special all the time, not once in a while. You will always feel so special when you are with me. If you jump up out of your bed after having a nightmare, don't cry anymore because I will comfort you so well that you will completely forget what made you upset.

I will check your little diaper as I hold you in my arms, and if you made your little pamper wet, I will take it off and put a fresh diaper on you. I know you won't mind if I rub your baby cock and balls in your pamper. I will touch you softly so that your baby cock can harden up on my fingers while wearing your pamper. When I cuddle you so close to me and caress your secret and private baby parts, it is to make you feel so loved and special. I love to touch your sweet face, give you gentle kisses and make you know that when you are with me – nothing else matters as you are with me, and you are in the safest place in the world. You are my beautiful, adorable, and wonderful little baby, and I know what you need to be satisfied. Please don't ever worry about going hungry because you think I will neglect your needs and put them second to mine. I live to make you happy. I will always give you my boobs to drink from to fill your little tummy up. When you swallow my liquid gold, and I see your eyes roll to the back of your head, and you start to shake your feet, I will know that you are so happy.

I will sing sweet little bedtime songs to you and tell you bedtime stories to distract you from what bothers you. I know precisely which songs you like and which bedtime stories you want to hear, and that is which ones I will tell you. With my soft and gentle touch and smiling face, I will wipe your tears away and hold you so close to my bosom so I could feed you my sweet breasts and will rock you back to sleep. I am Mommy Candy, and I won't ever punish you or scold you because you don't know any better -you are only a sweet baby and you certainly don't mean any harm. I am your Mommy, and I will always love you, darling. I will always make you feel safe and fill you with joy. I will always cherish the special time we spend with each other because I love making you happy.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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