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I am your delightful, devoted, amorous, and affectionate Mommy Hazel. I am a pregnant mommy, and I have a lot of energy. I love being pregnant; it is the best feeling in the world. My body looks best this way. All of me is puffy, swollen, sensitive, and soft. And feels as though someone hit a switch, and it is on all the time, and it keeps me horny as fuck. Fucking and cumming is always on my mind, and I know a lot of it has to do with being ravished by hormones, so I need to cum a lot. I play with my pregnant pussy all day, and I have multiple orgasms. When I take a bath, I play with my pregnant pussy; I can’t even tell how many times I cum in the bathtub; it is multiple times.

When I am taking a piss – cause my bladder is always full, and I pee so much cause I am pregnant, I rub my clit and cum while sitting on the toilet. It does not matter that I can’t even see my puffy pussy because my belly is so huge; my hand can feel for my pissy, so that is all that matters. Though my stomach is as huge as they come, I have the juiciest tits that already have milk in them, and my nipples will feel so good in your mouth. I want to hold my nipple with your lips and tug on them without using any of your teeth. They stretch out really long, and when you let them go, it is as if they are like rubber cause they snap right back. Have you ever fucked a pregnant pussy? If not, you are missing out cause there is nothing like a pregnant pussy – especially mine. The ridges inside the pussy get more pronounced, which makes fucking me a dream. You better not fuck up and get too carried away and fall on me cause I have a little human being inside my belly.

I am flexible and can do all sorts of positions while pregnant, so don’t hold back from being creative. If you can think about it, just pretzel my pregnant ass into the position so we could fuck all around the house. And make sure that you have a bunch of toys ready to fuck me with, too, cause your meaty ass fucking dick will need a break at some point because of all the fucking that I am going to expect you to give me. Bring all toys of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, and even vibrating cock rings for you to alternate with when I want you to penetrate me and vibrate my pregnant pussy hole simultaneously. My pregnant pussy is going to give you the best ride of your fucking life, so hold on, Love and cum on and ride me till the sun goes down – then ride me again till it comes back up.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010


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October 14, 2021

Mommy Rosa’s Chocolate Boobs Always Satisfies Her Babies

I am Mommy Rosa and I have the most voluptuous and delicious chocolate colored books that you have ever seen, touched or tasted.  I love to have my boobs sucked and played with by ab/dl babies.  No matter who you are or wherever you come from as long as you are an abdl lover I am the mommy for you.  I started in this abdl world of infantilism with my first adult baby when I was hired by him to be his caretaker.  I met him at a hotel and and when I arrived to his room he was already wearing diapers. He obviously had wet them for a while because the room had the stench of wet and poopy diapers and the bulge that the diaper had was tremendous.  He opened the door and crawled around the hotel room all the while as he sucked on a pacifier.  He grabbed my leg and I sat down on the edge of the bed and I was strong enough to pick him up and place him on my lap. I rocked him back and forth as he sucked on his pacifier and then he purposely made the pacifier that he was sucking fall on the bed and then he reached for my tits. He started rubbing his face against my breasts as and he saw my shirt getting wet and I took my shirt off. I removed my bra and my tits just hung down so beautiful and plump and he sucked the sweet and creamy milk out from my chocolate tits.  I told him to suck harder so that he could drink more milk out of it and he did then I sandwiched his face between my breasts and he continued to suck. I wanted him to be comfortable as his diaper smelled so bad that I told him that he could continue to suck my breasts but on the condition that I feed clean him up.  He threw a temper tantrum and jumped off of my leg and try to crawl away, I chased him around the hotel room as he protested and fussed that he […]
August 15, 2021

Ohh I Love Role Play

    With abdl stories we can be anything or anyone we want to be.  And I just love role play and there are so many fetishes, that we will never be bored.  Diapers, adult babies, mommies, diaper girls and boys, dressing up and sissies are all a fun part of the abdl lifestyle.  Not to mention anything and everything in between. All fetishes are welcome here and nothing is taboo.  One of my favorites is to pretend I’m a giantess and I make you my tiny little diaper baby.  A giantess diaper would be huge, so it’s a lot easier to make you my tiny baby and diaper you instead.  And at there are lots of giant mommies and teeny adult babies. When reading a good abdl blog, you can slip away from reality and embrace your little side.  Imagine mommy laying you down and stripping you naked of all your big clothes.  Then after using baby wipes to clean you all up between your cheeks and between your thighs, mommy is ready to powder and diaper you. Or better yet you can lay me down and diaper me, and then make me make messes in my cute diaper.  And I love when mommy diapers us both and we get to rub our diapers on each other mmmm.  Being an adult baby is the best. Making stickies and cummies in our diapees is so much naughty fun.  Diapers are meant to be used and filled.  And I love making my diapers squishy.  Soggy and saggy and hanging on my hips.  And getting a diaper change feels so good.  I can’t help but squirt a little. Actually more like squirt a lot lol.  Baby Stacey will be so wet and not just from pee soaking my diapee.  A messy baby is a fun baby.  A wet squishy diaper rubbing against baby feels so good.  Makes baby drip.  Makes baby squirm.  Makes baby moan.  Makes baby cum. I enjoy all role play and I’m a very curious little one when it comes to fetish play.  I won’t shy away from any subject, nothing is off limits for […]
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