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   My name is Maid Ebony; I am more than your housekeeper; I am the obedient submissive little slave that is here to service you in any way that you want. You are my master, and I am your slave. When you come home from work, I will make sure that the food is cooked and the floor is swept and mopped. I will be the maid that services you and your wife at the same time. I will crawl on the floor, get into bed with your wife, and be her little maid slave girl who eats up her pussy. I will worship it while you watch her tell me what to do to her sexually, and I will follow suit. As she squirts and sprays all of her pussy secretions into my mouth and tells me to swallow all of her up, that is exactly what I will do. I eat her up clean as she rides my face with her unwashed pussy as she calls me slurs and other degrading names as she uses me for her pleasure. While I am eating her on the bed as she lays on her back, I will make sure that I am open and ready for you to fuck me raw at the same time.

I will be your whore, and cum bucket maid so you can dump all of your cum juice into my pussy. Fuck me while I am eating out your wife’s pussy as she pumps out so much cunt milk that it fills up my belly as a complete meal. And when you cum inside of me, take your hand and wipe some cum from my pussy and rub it all over my face to remind me that I have very little value and you own me. When you and your wife are done with me, I will lay waiting on the floor also to be the cum bucket for your friends to ride me long and hard. Random men will dump their jizz into my chocolate pussy while you and your wife watch. Every time a different cock pounds my pussy, and they squeeze my tits and ram their cocks into my mouth to suck off will be a standard form of entertainment that I will continue to provide for you. Nothing is too much for me to handle.

Whip me like a slave bitch and slap me around as hard as you want, and I won’t complain. Treat me like the piece of shit that I am and call me out of my name, and I will know that I deserve all of it. Sit on my back, put a collar around my neck, grab the leash, and ride me around the house like a circus animal and I will smile in delight that I am giving you the satisfaction you need. I am here to make you happy and be your doormat for life, so use me as you see fit, and I will beg you for more of it.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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