Hide and Go Stink!
October 7, 2018
Mummy's Diaper Punishment. She is lying on the bed and wearing a large diaper.
Diaper Discipline for Naughty Boy!!
December 2, 2018

 I have to admit that I’m very disappointed, silly little sissy. I gave you a very clear set of instructions for how I wanted the house cleaned, but you didn’t follow them. I found a spot of dust on the coffee table! A large one! I told you that I was bring my friends over, and you embarrass me like this? You haven’t left me any choice but to punish you, now have you? You are going to push your pretty panties down to your thighs, and you are going to bend over my lap to get your bottom spanked with my bare hand! After every single smack I expect you count it off out loud and tell me ‘Thank-you, mistress.’ I don’t care if you start to cry and sob, I except you to say that clearly. I would tell you not to pay attention to my other hot milf friends laughing at you, but you won’t be able to help yourself! Click right here for the next part and call me for some sissy punishment phonesex.


Talk with a phone sex Mommy!

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