Barbie has three sexes, two girls and one boy, and she keeps her hand in the diaper while feeding the boy the milk bottle.
Road Trip With Mommy Part 1
October 7, 2018
There were three Terror Ladies, and she was dressed in black.
Sissy Maid Punishment (part 1)
October 23, 2018



Mommy Jackie’s daycare for abdl boys and sissy girls was diaper lover Dan’s favorite place in the world to be! He felt so little and babyish as he played with the other silly babies, giggling and babbling while he sucked his cutesy pacifier. Diaper lover Dan gurgled happily while he crawled around the big play space, feeling safe and warm in his big cozy abdl disaposable diaper. His tummy rumbled, all full from breakfast he was starting to feel the familiar feeling in his belly and scooted quickly to his favorite hidden baby spot and squatted while he sucked his paci. He pushed and pushed and made a giant stinky doo doo in his crinkly diaper pants! Uh-oh! Diaper lover Dan was feeling just a tiny bit naughty today and he giggled as he hid in his secret spot, knowing Mommy Jackie was looking for her stinky diaper boy



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