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Sissy Maid Punishment (part 1)
October 23, 2018
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Getting Ready For Abdl Naptime
December 12, 2018

I had to give some advice to a friend of mine that been having some problems with her son for quite some time now. He’s been out of diapers for well over a decade, but he started wetting his bed at night again and it happens several times a week now. You would think that would embarrass him so badly that he’d be to shamed to misbehave, but his little balls must have dropped because he’s started acting like he’s the man of the house! I’ve told her that she really needs to put him back in diapers. Not only that, she should put him in girly pink everything. He needs to be reminded that he is far closer to being a helpless baby girl than he is a man. I’m sure that his younger sister will have no problem embarrassing him when he has a stinky poopy diaper! Does this sound like good advice to you? Call for some diaper punishment phonesex if it is!



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