Brianna Has Some Incest Diaper Fun!
November 17, 2022
Come Play with Mommy
June 5, 2023



Come to mommy… come crawl up into Mommy Candy’s lap and let mommy give you cuddles.  Mommy wraps her arms around you and gives you a big hug and kiss.  Then mommy squeezes your diaper, checking to see how squishy you are.  Mommy giggles when she hears your little sigh.

It feels good when mommy squeezes your diaper, doesn’t it?  Mommy can tell by the way your eyes lose focus and you start squirming that you enjoy mommy’s squeezes.  Mommy’s little diaper boy just loves climbing into mommy’s lap.  Being in mommy’s arms and getting all of mommy’s attention is the best.

Mommy starts bouncing you up and down on mommy’s knee, making that squishy diaper push against you.  Mommy squeezes your diaper again and feels the little diaper bulge that is growing.  Mommy smirks and bounces you higher and harder.  Soon grunts and groans fill the room as your little peepee gets harder and harder.

Mommy knows how much you love to rub your warm wet diaper against mommy as mommy cradles you in her arms.  Mommy also knows that soon that diaper will be filled with something other than pee.  Fill up your diaper for mommy.  Diapers are meant to be filled with all of baby’s messes.

And mommy’s little diaper boy definitely can get messy.  From pee, to poop, to cum, that diaper can hold it all.  And mommy knows how much you like to feel it spread all through your diaper.  Feel it between your cheeks and around your balls and your hard little peepee.  All warm, wet and squishy.

As mommy cradles you in her arms, holding your little diapered body against mommy.  Mommy’s nipples hard and her big boobies full of warm sweet milk for baby.  Mommy rubs her hard nipple against your lips for baby to open up and latch on.  Nurse from mommy as mommy rubs your little diapered crotch.

Mommy is going to milk baby of all his sticky cummies.  Mommy loves to hear your little gasps around mommy’s nipple as you suckle.  Makes mommy rub your diaper harder and faster.  Your little hips start moving as you hump against mommy’s hand, sucking harder on mommy’s milk filled breast.

Mommy’s little diaper boy is going to explode in his little pamper.  Good boy, that’s what that diaper is for.  Fill it up, nice and full for mommy.  Don’t hold back, let it all out.  Mommy will feel your diaper getting warmer on mommy’s lap.  That’s what diaper babies do: eat, sleep and potty.  And mommy is always ready to change a full diaper.

Mommy has plenty of diapers for baby, so don’t worry and don’t hold it in.  Just let it go and enjoy being a little diaper boy.  Mommy Candy will take very good care of her sweet little diaper wearing baby boy.  Just crawl up into mommy’s lap and lat mommy do it all.  Mommy will bathe you, diaper you, dress you and feed you and of course mommy will give you lots of cuddles and love.

Mommy Candy


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