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Diaper Baby or Abdl Mommy?
January 13, 2019
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Naughty Wake Up Call From Mommy
January 24, 2019
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I think my step baby has a girlfriend and I feel jealous. He used to give me all of his attention. He’d give me should rubs that would sometimes end with him sucking on my breast milk. He loves to nurse on my beautiful pink nipples or at least he used to. Now, he has a girlfriend who has all of his attention and he no longer wants to cuddle with his step mommy. I have all of this breast milk I need to express because he isn’t sucking on my breasts. So, sometimes when he isn’t looking I squeeze my milk into his beverage so that he never forgets how good his step mommy tastes. He seems to remember because the other day he snuck up behind me and gave my breasts a squeeze. It definitely shocked me as it was totally unexpected, and I couldn’t help it – my pussy became like a leaky faucet I was so wet. I turned around and gave him a hug so that he could feel my full body pressed against his much like I had dreamed of at night.



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