A lady dressed as a baby girl is feeding coffee to the teddy bear, and she appears to be a small child.
Jimmy’s New Uncle Part 2
January 7, 2019
A Young Man in a Sex Room He was seated in a nude position on the sofa when a girl touched his body.
Missing stepson sexy time
January 20, 2019

Being a Mommy is wonderful, and I do love taking care of my sweet special abdl, without a doubt. Sometimes though, it can be very nice to switch things up just a little bit.  Instead of changing a diaper I get to have one put on me! Instead of kissing bruised knees, and feeding my sweet baby, and making sure a pacifier is always close by Daddy does all those things for me! He mostly like to the baby, but like I said, it can be a lot of fun to flip things around.  I probably enjoy being a naughty diaper girl a lot more than I should!  I fuss like a Mommy should when a baby takes off their diaper, but I just giggle when I do it.  I love Daddy’s face when he see’s his little midget diaper girl streaking through the room! If you were my Daddy, just what would you do to me for that? Laugh and shake your head, or put me over your lap and spank my bare bottom? Call me for diaper girl phonesex and tell me everything!

Midget Mimi


Talk with a phone sex Mommy!

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