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Missing stepson sexy time
January 20, 2019
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MILF Next Door Pt 2
February 4, 2019

It’s bedtime, my cute wittle abdl, and you are going to be the little spoon tonight! We’re going to lay down and you are going to scoot back into my arms to cuddle up nice and tight. We are both going to sleep like babies all curled up that way.  I’ll hold you nice and tight and wake you up in one of the best ways ever, with a hand wrapped around your cock while I jack you off in your diaper.  I will play with your cock until you cum like a dirty little abdl, so that you will start the day with a smile! Would you like me to go slowly, drawing your orgasm out till you start to beg me for it, or go so fast that your orgasm hits you like a hammer, your balls tightening up so quickly that it hurts?  Call me for some sexy mommy phonesex to tell me which you like the most!



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