A woman is sitting on the floor wearing a pink clothing, and a girl is seated next to the woman sucking.
My Mommy
August 19, 2016
For the photoshoot, the girl struck a stylish pose.
Come Climb On Mommy’s Lap!
September 18, 2016


Did you not think your abdl mommy would find out about you trying to take your diaper off at school. Remember you are to  be in your Cushies Diaper at all times even at school! Do I need to pull you out of school full time and have a baby  sitter come and take care of you full time? Or maybe have one of our neighborhood girls change you at school! I know you would like that. Also I was thinking About putting you in some Adult baby clothes as well! But as far as your punishment I am going give you 60 spankings with my metal paddle in diaper position, you better not even try to move or put you’re hands on your behind during your spankings!  Or I will put your hands in some restraints without thinking about it! I should also make you stand in the corner for an hour! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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