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Cuckold Mommy Ava
August 17, 2016
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September 18, 2016


My Abdl mommy is the very best! She always knows exactly what I like. I Especially enjoy how she keeps me in diapers all the time, and when we go on our special trips. One of my favorite trips she took me on was the Zoo, she dressed me in hot pink dress and some Rhumba plastic panties and a bambino bellissimo diaper and she even changed me in front of everyone! While baby talking me! How humiliating! It is these little reminders that she does that reminds me that I am just a  Adult baby girl, and that mommy is in charge at all times! Always remember that! Because if you don’t, and you start acting up she will discipline you in front of everyone! Another one of my favorite things mommy does is she loves to breastfeed, and it tastes so yummy! Maybe we could have a play date some time! So what are you waiting for give my mommy for some abdl phone sex!



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