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Did You Learn Your Lesson?
September 18, 2016
A Sissy Baby Girl is curled up on the sofa wearing the blue gown, the white stockings, and the blue gloves.
Sissy Phone Sex With Mommy Crissy
October 1, 2016
collection_different_types_sextoys_including_dildo_vibrators_cg9p5798561c_thHi, there sweet Adult Baby! We have so many things to do today! First, we have to run a go buy you some new Pampers Diapers. We are going to get 4 boxes of them because I wanna double and triple diaper you before we leave the house to go on our next trip! Then we are going to go to the mall and buy some brand new outfits so you can wear just for your abdl mommy! Then we can go a get some toys for you to play with and maybe some Vibrators for mommy to use on your tight little ass just the way you like!  I know you love it when mommy grabs your hands and has you sit down on mommy’s nice sized cock don’t you? I want you to show mommy what you have learned  from all of the porn we watch together! I love when you demonstrate it on me! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!
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