Forced To Be A Baby Again!
March 19, 2018
A young boy is lying on his bed, wearing a t-shirt and a diaper.
Favorite ABDL
April 1, 2018

Mommy should have known better than to allow you to go to Tommy’s house after your last stunt. But because you were being such a good abdl baby I thought it would be a fun reward for you. You had been going potty like a big boy for almost an entire month! Then I got the call, Tommy’s mom calls to say that you wet your pants and then tried to hide it so she wouldn’t tell mommy. That is why from this point forward, you are going to stay diapered no matter what. You have run out of chances to prove to me that your a big boy. You have shown mommy that you are a true diaper lover, you never really wanted to be a big boy in the first place.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Are you and abdl in need of  mommy phonesex to enforce diaper discipline because of all of your “accidents”? Call me now, we can discuss what the next steps will be.

Mommy Susan


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