Petty the Animal is standing at the toilet, dressed as a man in a shirt and diaper.
The Accident
March 28, 2018
There were two girls and one boy in a strong sex mood, and one of the girls was lying on the bed.
Cuckold’s Bondage High Chair
April 23, 2018

What’s your favorite thing about being an adult baby. Do you like putting on all the pretty little sissy clothes. Do you like seeing mommy take care of her precious angel. Or do you like to be made to put on all the little baby items. Are you a naughty little ABDL who has to be punished and spanked all the time til you little ass is bright red and sore. So you like to wear all the pretty little ruffle dresses. Do you like to use toys to train your little ass.  Anal plugs to train your little tight are. So when you walk around you can feel it deep inside your little ass. I want to know all about your favorite parts about being an ABDL. Give me a call and let me know all about it. Call


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