Daddy’s Lil Tease
March 24, 2013
Sleeping Beauty Sex, pt. 2
June 18, 2013


I had the strangest dream last night. When Daddy gave me my nighttime bottle there was something extra in it. Sometimes Daddy puts his yummy cum in my baba, but it wasn’t that… it was something else. Almost as soon as I started drinking it I felt me eyelids getting so heavy, I couldn’t stay awake, I just drifted off into deep heavy sleep. He didn’t say anything about it, but I know there had to be something in there. ‘Cause the dream I had in my deep sleep was just crazy.

I dreamt that while I was sleeping Daddy and someone else… a stranger, came in my room. Daddy was standing back with a camera, he was making a movie. The stranger came over to my bed and pulled the covers off my unconscious body. I was laying on my tummy and my nightie was just barely covering my bottom. The stranger slid his hand up between my legs till it was up touching my panty covered pussy. He pulled my nightie up over my hips and smoothed his hand over one of my cheeks and smacking it hard.

The stranger pulled my body over so I was laying on my back. He grabbed my face and slapped me hard… when I didn’t open my eyes or show any signs of waking up he smiled. He pulled my nightie off roughly. My sleeping body jerked around like a rag doll while he yanked it up, before dropping back down on the bed, my titties exposed and my pink nipples hard.

The stranger looked back at Daddy, who was still filming and they smiled at each other while the man started sliding his hand down my tummy to slip under my panties. In my dream his fingers were calloused and rough and he didn’t touch me the way Daddy usually touched me. His wasn’t gentle or sweet. He was rough and he grabbed and rubbed my little pussy with greedy fingers.

I think I better stop for now, Daddy is coming up with my bottle. I’ll tell you more about my dream later… it felt so real…

Love, Lacy




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