Naughty Family Fun
February 24, 2013
Sleeping Beauty Sex
May 5, 2013

Teasing Slut

I got in trouble again. And this time Daddy really made me pay for it… actually he’s still making me pay for it… I’m Daddy’s Slut now. See, here’s what happened, Daddy took me to his office ‘cause he had to get some extra work done and I begged to go with him. He never takes me to the office ‘cause he’s says I’ll find my way into some trouble.

Once we got there Daddy started doing all this dumb boring work. I kept trying to play with him, but finally he got mad and told me to go to the break room to get a snack. There was nobody in there so I sat down with my cookie. When I was all done I was still bored, so I did what I always do hehehe…. I reached under my dress and pulled my diaper off and threw it in the garbage. I put my legs up on the table and started rubbing over my pussy lips. My hard little clitty was poking out and I teased and tickled it… I musta gotten so distracted playing, I didn’t notice two men standing in the doorway watching me! I know its naughty… but being watched got me soooo excited so I just kept putting on a little show. I guess I got distracted again, ‘cause I didn’t notice when Daddy came up behind them and pulled them aside. Oh boy… I don’t think I’ve ever seen Daddy so mad!!! He grabbed me by my arm and pulled me down the hallway to his office, yelling the whole time. He was so mad I couldn’t even tell what he was sayin’, but it wasn’t happy stuff that’s for sure!!

When we got back to his office her pushed me over his desk and started spanking me. He said I was a teasing little slut and I needed to be punished. I thought my bottom musta been on fire from all his spanking! Then when he stopped he spread my legs open wide and shoved his whole hand inside my dripping pussy!!! He didn’t even use any lube or nothin’! Oh gosh I thought he was gonna split me in half! He said if I wanted to act like a teasing slut he was gonna treat me like one! Before I knew it, the two men who had been watching me were in the room with their pants already pulled down. Daddy kept his fist inside of me while he yanked me back so I could suck the two big cocks off. Boy, they weren’t gentle either! They grabbed me by my piggy tails and shoved both their rods in my mouth.

I bet you can guess how the rest of the day went. That was Thursday, and I’m still sore all over. And I’m still in trouble. Daddy’s been using my very biggest toys on me while he fucks me at the same time. He says from now on I’m his slut first and an adult baby second. Don’t tell Daddy… but I kinda like it!!

Love, Lacy


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