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The Border Gets Caught Part 2
May 15, 2016
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Hypnotized by Mommy
May 16, 2016

Your secretary already knows who I am so its gotten easy to slip into your office. I wait for you to get out of your meeting and I can’t wait to surprise you. Your secretary tells you that your one o’clock appointment is here and I hear you tell her to show me in. Your face lights up when you see me and you immediately close the door and lock it. “Have you been a naughty boy?”, I ask. You reply, “Yes mommy. I’ve been a naughty sissy baby.” I smile mischievously as I unbuckle your pants to reveal an abdl-diaper. I tell you that naughty sissy babies need to be punished as I take a vibrating dildo out of my purse. You beg for me to punish you as I open up your abdl diaper and work the dildo from the tip of your cock, down to your tight little asshole.



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