On the white bed, Abdl Lady was lying.
Office Punishment
May 15, 2016
Mummy was naked in the bathroom, standing in the bath tub.
Taboo Phone Sex
July 13, 2016

mommy mind control hypnosis phone sex

Oh, honey… What is it that has gotten you so upset this time? It absolutely breaks my heart when I see that you are so scared and confused about everything. Your little mind is so focused and worried about thinking about what you should do next that you are not actually able to carry out those thoughts. There is quite a simple fix to that.. By asserting myself as the dommy mommy of the home, I can channel that fact into your own brain. I would be willing to bet that you want to know how I might be able to do such a thing… Mommy’s little secret, but I suppose given the circumstances I can tell you.. Mommy will be using hypnosis and mind control to make sure that you never have a thought that might cause you to go against what mommy says ever again. Just relax.




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