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Ohh I Love Role Play
August 15, 2021
Come Here, Mommy Will Help You
July 3, 2022

abdl mommy

I am Mommy Rosa and I have the most voluptuous and delicious chocolate colored books that you have ever seen, touched or tasted.  I love to have my boobs sucked and played with by ab/dl babies.  No matter who you are or wherever you come from as long as you are an abdl lover I am the mommy for you.  I started in this abdl world of infantilism with my first adult baby when I was hired by him to be his caretaker.  I met him at a hotel and and when I arrived to his room he was already wearing diapers. He obviously had wet them for a while because the room had the stench of wet and poopy diapers and the bulge that the diaper had was tremendous. 

He opened the door and crawled around the hotel room all the while as he sucked on a pacifier.  He grabbed my leg and I sat down on the edge of the bed and I was strong enough to pick him up and place him on my lap. I rocked him back and forth as he sucked on his pacifier and then he purposely made the pacifier that he was sucking fall on the bed and then he reached for my tits. He started rubbing his face against my breasts as and he saw my shirt getting wet and I took my shirt off. I removed my bra and my tits just hung down so beautiful and plump and he sucked the sweet and creamy milk out from my chocolate tits.  I told him to suck harder so that he could drink more milk out of it and he did then I sandwiched his face between my breasts and he continued to suck.

I wanted him to be comfortable as his diaper smelled so bad that I told him that he could continue to suck my breasts but on the condition that I feed clean him up.  He threw a temper tantrum and jumped off of my leg and try to crawl away, I chased him around the hotel room as he protested and fussed that he did not want to he changed. I distracted him with my delicious chocolate tits and he was putty in my hands.  He finally gave in and stop protesting and he allowed for me to direct him to a path where I was able to lay a towel on the floor and have him get on it. 

I took off his opened up his diaper and the smell almost knocked me off of my feet and I had to throw his diaper in a nearby garbage bin.  He had a drenched penis, balls and bottom and there was a lot of shit on his ass and I had to clean it up. Luckily there were baby wipes there for me to use but unfortunately his diaper was on so long that it gave him such a rash and I massaged his balls with the ointment and it soothed him so very much.  I placed a fresh diaper on him and we returned to the bed and I made him suck on my beautiful boobs until he fell asleep in my arms.

Mommy Rosa


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