A sultry hot lady was seated on the bed, undressing to reveal her whole nude body.
Mommy’s Special Baby
May 23, 2021
With Care, a Girl Transforms Into a Tiny Man There was a little man on the bed, and he was nude, and he was showing his pornography.
Ohh I Love Role Play
August 15, 2021
giantess I am Mommy Rosa and I am going to tell you a story that I know you are going to like to here. I enjoy telling my babies all of the naughtiest  abdl stories  that I can. The stories are usually so good that sometimes I think that it should be on an abdl blog for others to read. There once was a pretty blonde goddess who wore a  giantess diaper because she was the size of a tall multi story building.  She was a pretty giantess who roamed the city and used people as playthings to her whims and fancy. She was in charge of so many people that she used the men as human dildos to push up inside of her cunt and she would sometimes leave them inside of her overnight.  The land had it where no one could resist and had to follow whatever she said. This goddess was a person that was worshipped as she had a giantess body of beauty and she loved to keep it in a diaper.  One day, she took a man off of the street and she was going to push him inside of her and he said, “may I please lay on your beautiful breasts?” She was so shocked to hear that someone wanted to lay on her breasts to be close to her instead of just tolerating her being stuffed inside of her huge pussy.  So, she allowed the tiny man to lay on her breast and she thought that it was just for a moment – but he ended remaining on there for a while longer.  He started to serenade her and that melted her heart so much that she began to cry. She felt like a person with feelings for the very first time that someone paid attention to her and treated her with love.  She decided to take the tiny man home to marry him. She took him home to her house which was a gigantic mansion that looked like it touched the clouds in the sky.  She had a tiny priest stop by to perform the wedding and that night they were ready to make sweet love.  She undressed herself and also the tiny man and she took his fully naked body and placed most of his body inside of her mouth.  The tiny man’s cock was hard and sticking up and he took it and walked on her tongue to rub his cock on the inside of her cheeks.  Because he was so small and he was such a tiny man she barely felt anything. He thought that he would cum inside of her mouth while he was in there and that would make a difference; so he came and she tasted something because her saliva increased and before she knew it she had accidentally swallowed the tiny man.  She tried to vomit him up and to no avail – that did not work.  So he squatted on the floor in her house and very shortly afterwards, she ended up shitting him out. Talk about a story that belongs on giantesssex.com – doesn’t it? It surely does, baby. The End.  If you liked that story, I have got plenty more – so give Mommy Rosa a call and let us have a nice time.

Mommy Rosa


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