The New Nighttime Routine
September 10, 2013
Diaper No No!
March 29, 2015

halloween gangbang

This year I’m nasty, naughty, dirty little bunny Lacy!! Daddy’s letting me invite two of my friends over to put on a special show hehehe…. and then Daddy’s gonna invite a few of his own friends over to watch our special show!

I almost never get to have naughty playtime with my friends, but I knew if I suggested that Daddy invite his own friends over to watch he’d like the idea. Especially since Daddy’s been having so many visitors in my room when he thinks I’m sleeping.

I can’t wait to tell you all about the dirty fun I get into at our special Halloween party! Halloween’s always the best time to be a dirty lil slut hehehe!!!! Maybe after Daddy’s friends watch our special show, Daddy will let them have some more fun with me!! After all, I am Daddy’s little cock-sucking bunny!

Love, Lacy


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