Nasty, Naughty Halloween Party!
October 29, 2013
Valentines Day
March 29, 2015

In my class playing in your diaper is a Big Fat No No! Playing in your diaper is only allowed when I have set aside time for such. You may not; I repeat May Not play in there without my permission. Now what should I do to teach you a lesson. Hmmmm. Ah, I know. *gets out the icy hot* Come to the front of the class Little Boy Larry, come on, do as I say! Right here in front of all your classmates. That’s it now take a seat here on the stool, crawl on up, there ya go. Okay, now let me pull down those pants and open that diaper. *hahahaha* I know this is so degrading isn’t it? Some Diaper Humiliation *everyone laughs at you* Now let Mizz Rebecca squirt out a large amount of icy hot onto your pathetic little wiener, there very nice shade of white. Now Little Larry, do show everyone how much you like to play inside your Diaper, go on now, rub your peepee *laughs hysterically* show everyone what it means to disobey me!

Mizz Rebecca
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