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Titty Fucking Your Stepmom
December 15, 2019
A Diaper Girl was standing with a pink outfit and a white diaper on her head.
Adult Diaper Training
February 21, 2020

I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I cuddled you in my lap, right? If I laid you across my lap, and let you lift your head to suck on my breasts just like any good baby should be able to do, I don’t imagine you would fuss too much about that. I could slide my fingers through your hair, run my fingertips along the curve of your ear, whisper what a good baby you are for me. And good adult babies get rewarded, don’t they? My hand may slide down your chest, your tummy, till it rests on top of your abdl diaper. It may press down, right over your very sensitive peepee, start to slide up and down a bit, dragging the inside of the diaper against you. I may do that until it gets too be just to much, and you make sticky cummies inside your diaper. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind though, right? Ready to play with mommy? Call me so we can have some age play phone sex together.



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