Mummy's Diaper Punishment. She is lying on the bed and wearing a large diaper.
Diaper Discipline for Naughty Boy!!
December 2, 2018
A boy is laying on the bed, dressed in stockings and frills, and she reveals his Little Porn.
Secret Sissy Pt 4
December 30, 2018

Would you like me to jack you off in your thick wet diaper?  You’ve been more than a little fussy, so I think a hand job from Mommy followed by a diaper change and naptime is exactly what you need.  I’m not going to tease you, drag it out just to get you to beg for me to let you come, no, it’s time for you to lay down. I’m going to slide my hand down inside your diaper, wrap my fingers around your cock and start to pump my fist hard up and down your cock.  It won’t take long at all before your hips start to jerk as you moan and cum like a good baby.  I’ll change that well-used diaper, cleaning you up and taping you up in a fresh one, and lay you down for a little nap! How about you give me call for some naughty mommy phonesex so I can help you feel better!



Talk with a phone sex Mommy!

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