A Juicy Girl is laying on the bed, sipping juice while donning a white diaper and cloth.
Taking My Adult Baby To Build A Bear Part 3
May 2, 2017
An Aunty was sitting on the sofa, naked, wearing a white dress and white stockings, and she was showing her Pussy.
Mommy Crissy’s Little ABDL
July 4, 2017

Look whose in trouble again? Why am I not surprised? Maybe some good ol fashioned diaper punishment phone sex will be enough to keep you in line this time. You keep messing up over and over. You act like such a child. Your work wants nothing to do with you. You’re about to be on the unemployment line again, and what do you do? You sit and cry about it like a big adult baby. I’m supposed to be your girlfriend not your Mommy. But I’ve been thinking and I think you don’t need a girlfriend anymore. Nope, a Mommy is exactly what a childish man like yourself needs. I bet that’s exactly what you want huh? To be stripped and forced back into diapers would be amazing for you wouldn’t it? Well this punishment isn’t temporary sweetheart. From this day forward you are going to be my adult baby phone sex lover.



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