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abdl mommy

My Mommy sex is what my age regressed abdl needs

When he has to wait for it he gets sad indeed

He thinks of it every morning and day

As he is obsessed with his mommy in every way

Whether my breasts are what are on his mind

Or my voluptuous, feminine and round behind

My lips are s soft as a feather

That can warm him up in cold weather

My tongue is able to taste parts of him

Like when I hold his cock in my mouth at the rim

And slide my mouth down on his penis

He usually sees Mars, Jupiter and Venus

Because it feels so very good

The way a warm mouth on a penis should

I also suck him hard to enjoy

His cock like my own personal toy

I grab it and move it from left to right

Making sure that my hands are not too tight

I won’t want to hurt something that looks so nice

So before I do something I regret, I think twice

And my pussy is also something he feels safe in

When he is good I let him go in

This is his nourishment to get by

My sweet sex is more succulent that an apple pie

He will fuck me so softly the way that I like

We will do it on the couch and sometimes on his bike

We even fucked in the park

Not even when it was dark

And we also did it in the rain

And also a hot tub while sipping on champagne 

And when there are errands that I have to complete

He drives me around so I can stay off my feet

He will look for me when I am not there

Though he knows I have not vanished into thin air

He always likes my company

As nothing can compare to his bond to his mommy

I also love to give him and not rob

A nice and firm diaper handjob

When I am away and only reachable by phone 

There are some naughty things that I will endure

We usually both enjoy incest phone sex

As we experience it. it is truly the best

I am his mother and he is my son

And when he gets disciplined it weighs like a ton

Because I don’t just do one thing

I encompass a series of different things

I may use a paddle or I may use my hand

No matter what he has to obey my commands

So he has to take whatever I dish out

I don’t mind spanking him before he goes about

Because he must be punished for things he does wrong

And he will never stay weak minded, he would grow strong

I will even tie him up sometimes

And squeeze in his mouth a few lemons and limes

And he will swallow them down

From his mouth to his throat when it hits his tongue



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