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Ava’s Forced Diaper Fag
July 4, 2017
An adult girl is sitting in a foetal position on the bed, displaying her Pussy.
No Taboo Naughty Phone Sex
July 10, 2017

Are you Mommy Crissy’s favorite little abdl phone sex lover? I bet you are since I can see you waddling around in that diaper! I think I’m going to call you Mr Pamper Pants from now on! And speaking of pampers, pee yew does yours stink! I can smell it from across the room! I guess you should be Mr. Poopy Pamper Pants now huh? Where are you hiding my little diaper boy? If you stay in that messy pamper for too long all you’re going to do is give yourself a diaper rash and mommy knows you wouldn’t want that! Well I guess if you aren’t going to come out for mommy then mommy will just have to come to you won’t she? That will be easy because all Mommy has to do to find you is follow the stinky smell coming from that dirty diaper! Thats right one whiff of that mess and mommy will be able to find and diaper you in no time you little diaper phone sex lover
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