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Cuckold Mistress Crissy
May 12, 2016
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From Johnny to Bend-Over Betty
May 13, 2016

daddy phone sex

Well throughout my time in the world of no limits phone sex I’ve always found myself to be more of a dominant woman. Like a mother to all my sub missives. I love the ego boost that comes with that kind of power and control. You feel like you can accomplish anything when you have a handful of loyal sub missives worshiping the ground you walk on. I never really gave much thought to being a submissive myself but I had a caller who just had a certain charm about him and a clever way with words. Not even a few minutes into the call and he had me all giggly and feeling more like a sub. He wanted to be my daddy dom and the way he explained it I wanted him to be just that for me! I had the urge to be daddy’s good little princess and make sure i satisfied all his needs! This natural dom got her first taste of submissive phone sex and I wouldn’t mind trying it again!



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