The Diaper Man was dressed simply in a white toy-like attire.
Adult Baby Phone Sex
April 12, 2016
A cute little girl is sitting on the bed wearing just a white blouse and pants, making her appear to be a schoolgirl.
Dom/Sub Phone Sex
May 12, 2016

bdsm phone sex

I hope one day the world will realize with emasculation phone sex we can shed light to the true superior gender of our planet. So the majority of the male population is slaves to their self image and ego, correct? The typical man thinks he needs to assert his dominance so people won’t start questioning his lack of manhood. They aim to be macho and support themselves so they become self efficient enough to be depended on by the helpless female. Well those statistics are boring if you ask me. I like to find the other smaller percentage of men who have realized that all men will always be dull and insignificant to the female race. They’re the handful of individuals who abandoned their quest for masculinity and have started to see that no amount of weight lifting and self confidence will have no chance at proving them worthy enough to rival female dominance. Being the bronze is useless when you don’t have the brains to instruct and make use of the clueless bronze. Becoming a submissive man teaches them to abandon their dignity and make use of themselves by embracing their duty as unworthy servants to the will of their female counterparts through bdsm phone sex! Are you worthy enough to be of use to me? I’ll be the one to set you in place.



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