What Does the Bee Do
January 5, 2011
The Stray Ginger Kitten
February 28, 2011

I watch and i wait along with the rest waiting for the mail to arrive my neighbors seem to be waiting for something special also.So i go about my housework and forget about the mail for awhile.Then i hear a horn blowing so i peek outside and the mail truck is in my driveway.As i get closer to him he gets out and hands me a package i looked at the package and looked back at him puzzled by this he must have realized it because he said i know this can fit in your mail box but they wanted it hand delivered.I thanked him and go back in the house where i opened it.As it reveiled its self to me i gasped with awe and surprise there laying in the box that it lay in was the most beautiful music box.As i opened it up there laying in the middle of this music box was a tiny baby curled up asleep in just its diaper.


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