A Diaper Girl was standing with a pink outfit and a white diaper on her head.
Adult Diaper Training
February 21, 2020
The Diaper was worn by an adult baby boy who was merely standing.
Caught In Diapers And Blackmailed! (part 2)
April 12, 2020

I know this doesn’t apply to all adult babies, not by any means, but I know that some feel like they really need to tuck themselves into that diaper because of how similar in size they are to little babies! Not their height or weight, no, but that little itty bitty peepee between their legs. It’s just too small to be called an actual cock or to even come close to satisfying a woman, so what on earth are they supposed to do with it? Put it in a diaper! That way, even if they can’t sexually please a woman, they can at least make her laugh and giggle at what a cute little abdl they are! An abdl has all the attention of their abdl mommy, which feels wonderful! A woman will turn a man down quickly, but who could say no to an adorable little one? No one I know! Why don’t you call me for some age play phone sex so we can have some fun?



Chat with a phone sex mommy!

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