A Fetish Diaper for Adults She is seated on the floor and is dressed in a white diaper.
Undercover Diaper Lover
May 8, 2019
A girl and a boy were naked, and she sat on the man's face.
Ready To Eat Some Sexy Stepmom Pussy?
July 7, 2019
diaper fetish, phoneamommy, abdl

I have had silly sissy babies coming out of the woodworks this week! I got to Skype with a very silly baby the other day, and when the screen popped up he was already dressed for his babysitter in two thick adult baby diapers, and a shiny pink satin bonnet with ribbons tied in a bow under his chin.  I can even begin to tell you how ridiculous he looked and was quick to let him know how pathetic he was.  I got to watch him while his Mommy and Daddy were out for a date.  Sounds normal until you find out that Mommy and Daddy are his former girlfriend and her new boyfriend! She was almost able to overlook his tiny dick, but when she discovered his bedwetting, that was it for her.  Usually that just means a break-up, but he really is pitiful and she has a bit of a mean streak… him being in diapers and a bonnet were just the start.  Click here to find out what happens next and call for your own humiliation phone sex.



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